Aditya Sesh, a Chartered Accountant by training, has been in fund services for more than 30 years with experience in international organizations in Europe, the Caribbean and the US. Beyond Business.

At present Sesh focuses on assisting the government in policy framework and also employment generation in the North East section of the country. As a part of Community Services, Sesh frequently meets students, and citizens exhorting them to vote and vote wisely. These are sessions with data being presented. For Sesh, generating employment, executing social projects, lecturing and training other professionals in upgrading skills is a personal passion. He is a frequent speaker in the National Hindi and English Channel programs and a prolific writer for well-known digital portals. He also has his own Yout Tube Channel Sesh Speaks official and website He is also a Member of the Government of India (Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare) Expert Committee On eNWRS, E-National Warehouses House Receipts, a Government of India Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare initiative that seeks to pioneer change in agri-trading in Bharat to transform Agriculture from a profession to an industry. He is also now embarking upon a journey as an Agri Asset Manager. He has made recommendations to the National E Agri market portal ENAM as well. He was also instrumental in being one of the earliest international financial services companies to open an office in Agartala Tripura. Since 2019 he has also been an avid supporter of GIFT City Gandhinagar Bharats' offshore financial centre, some of his suggestions going on to become the regulation. Sesh is on the board of Food Processing Companies as an Independent Director as well.


Sesh is a rare combination of an expressive personality, who travels with ease between economic and regulatory affairs, public governance, arts and culture.

Sesh is very vocal about social, political and governance reforms. He believes that participation in governance is not an option for citizenry anywhere in the world. It is a part of Community Service. Therefore working with an elected government in an impartial manner for betterment of the country is a duty of all those who call themselves as citizens. As President J.F. Kennedy said “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY”. It also means, that make your elected governments accountable to what you elected them for. He also believes that every administration needs to listen to its citizens using the Voice of the Customer concept (used by marketeers around the world). That should in fact drive the election manifesto not the other way around. Sesh also believes that citizenry need to vote to express their decisive opinion and shying away from it is not right. He also believes in contributing to local communities where present.

He believes in integrated approach to taxes meaning one-point taxation. Taxes are the single most contributors to well-being of economy and businesses and therefore governments not only within the country and internationally as well, need to collaborate to ensure that tax payers are not burdened with multiple points of reporting and payment. In today age of technology this should be de- minimis and de-rigeur, not an option. How various participants in governance share the taxes should not be the burden of the tax payer. The same applies to all parts of governance, akin to “Single Sign on” so extensively used in Information Technology!

Promoting SME and MSME is his passion, he believes they are the lifeline of the economy besides the farmers. In agriculture practices, he believes that price discovery, efficient utilization of farm produce capacity, forward sale and ability to sell beyond local markets can by itself solve Agrarian distress without the need for inefficient subsidies that burn budgets but do not deliver.

While the industry knows him as a Chartered Accountant, Sesh started his school life with being a professional classical musician performing on the stage, until professional education required him to focus. An ardent connoisseur of various forms of music be it various Indian and art forms, Hindustani classical, Jazz, Irish music, Egyptian music besides being a Carnatic classical musician at the core.

Sesh’s family consists of his spouse Sujata Seshadrinathan, a doctoral student herself, classical dancer besides being an IT veteran, his son Shabarish Seshadrinathan who is a Chartered Accountant and daughter Souparnika, a student pursuing law.

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