Sujata Sesh Foundation History

We believe in direct action in CSR! That is how the foundation was born. The fundamental belief is that real intent of CSR is in actually making a social impact in addition to economic contributions. With this aim in mind, SSF was formed in 2018.

The aims of the foundation are:

  • Education for the underprivileged. It does not mean just building schools but last mile needs like pens, paper, boards, books, tuitions et all.
  • Medical activities. For SSF, it means doing the right things at ground level, including mobile clinics, primary health, basic wellness etc.
  • Fine arts and Culture. SSF believes that art and culture is key to mental wellbeing and progress of human beings. The promotion may scale beyond countries and borders and save and propagate. To being with we started this in India, the home base.
  • Skill development. SSF believes that only classical education is not enough. Joblessness leads to discontent and anarchy. With this in mind, as an organization we promote skill development, such that the workforce young or old can learn latest skills to contribute right away! SSF believes that in this case age is just a number.
  • Doing all this both global and local serving local communities where SSF is present.

SSF believes that all can contribute and participate in CSR in an active manner. This in mind, SSF accepts qualified contributions from those who participate as well in direct action. That is the twist!!!

Donations to SSF are tax deductible under 80G of the Income Tax Act in India.

Inauguration of the Physiotherapy Unit at the Chaitanyam Center of Excellence

I felt honored and blessed when asked to inaugurate the amazing Physiotherapy unit part of mammoth Chaitanyam Center of Excellence in Thane. We are very happy to be able to contribute to Chaitanyam through our Sujata & Sesh Foundation. Also had a chance to share a few words of my experience in charity based medical services before the well read, Seva oriented audience. Kudos to the enthusiastic group of Doctors and Seva Dal's. Sai Ram!

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