Massive work being done in India in respect of distribution of CoVid19 vaccine, among other things.

From Mr. Howard Seligman, Country Director, Americas and Europe, Basiz Fund Service Private Limited

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, the G overnment of India in conjunction and close cooperation with the Serum Institute of India embarked on the largest concerted effort on the planet by any organization to start the inoculation of 300 million people against the Covid -19 virus. The results of this effort will not only benefit one quarter of the population of India and then the remainder of India’s citizens, but it will also benefit every person on our planet. The vast amount of data that will be collected from the vaccination campaign will benefit scientists, epidemiologists, other researchers as well as logistic companies and law enforcement agencies around the world by providing valuable information to help improve the safe distribution and implementation of vaccination programs globally.

I am not sure people have really comprehended the massive manpower resource mobilisation and logistical effort required to provide this service to this volume of recipients spread across an enormous land mass and most importantly in a time bound banner. I extend my sincere compliments and best wishes to the people of the world’s largest democracy, the Government of India, the Serum Institute of India and all other agencies who are going to be involved in this path breaking exercise. This is a part of history and will be recounted for years to come. It will also become a case study for crisis management in business schools and government training institutions, worldwide.

Such activities are without any parallel and with no history to fall back on for past data and practices. The political leadership in India at the Central and State/ Local Levels has risen to the challenge and with the help of the doctors, civil security, paramedical staff and numerous others who put their lives on the line for the sake of their fellow brethren needs the sincere thanks of every right thinking individual in the world.

This effort is not just a practical exercise of obtaining “physical data”. It stems from an ancient Sanskrit concept found in sacred Hindu texts, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbaka’, meaning “the whole world is one family”. In other words, what will be beneficial to the people of India will also be beneficial to all of mankind.

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbaka’ is also the credo of Basiz Fund Services. It is our core belief. At our offices all around the world, we work together not just as coworkers but as a global family. If one of our people has a problem or issue, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or whatever, we have the resources to help our “family member” to the best of our ability. In the same manner, we as a global enterprise and part of the world business community assist our clients (our business family) to find solutions for their challenges. No matter if they are a large international bank, a regional investment manager in North America or a local start up fund in India, we will always be there with our full resources to find a solution that is economically viable for them that will enable them to operate in an efficient and profitable manner. This is Basiz.

When we created our services and products, the core philosophy was “Made in India for the World, for its benefit”. The corollary of this philosophy is “Glocal”. This means wherever possible and feasible, we will employ local services and products.

I end this brief note of appreciation to the people of India borrowing once again from their ancient wisdom, “Sarve Santu Niramaya’ - May all be free from disease.

Howard Seligman