Justice for Sanatanis finally…...

The 500 old tyranny and injustice meted to the Sanatanis have finally come to an end. 100 plus years of litigation in the court did not solve it until one day, the argument of faith by a frail 92-year-old Lawyer Kesavan Parasaran moved the needle. He is a brilliant lawyer, who removed his shoes before he argued, perhaps to buttress the argument of faith. Finally, the learned lordships decided that faith is what decides and not a title suit. The argument on faith was pioneered by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. In fact, I believe that the title suit petition instead of faith was a purposefully crafted petition designed to lose. I was shocked to know that the then PM Nehru, wanted the idols to be removed.So much disdain for the Hindus! We cannot forget the sacrifices of Ashok Singhal ji, Mahant Raghubar Das, Gopal Singh Visharad, KK Nayyar the DM of Faizabad, Vajpayee ji, LK Advani ji, and many others. I remember our own CA. H.Raja Senior BJP leader (I have had the good benefit of having been well acquainted with his work closely), who espoused this cause South of Vindhyas for a long time and continues to do so. The contribution of RSS, led by veteran leaders like Mohan Bhagwat Ji and others, is immeasurable. I remember Dr. Sambit Patra once being asked, what would happen if the Hindus lost the suit. Very confidently he said it will never happen. I remember the undying spirit of many sevaks, bhaktas in UP and everywhere. How can we forget the contribution of Yogiji, who was emphatic when asked about the Mandir? I remember when Devendra Fadnavis Ji said that the Mandir has already been built, but what will be built is a grand Temple (the words in Marathi rings in my ears). Our own PM,Modi Ji, vowed to visit Ayodhya only when the temple was to be built, until then he kept struggling for it from elsewhere.

Ram Mandir is not just a temple. It is a renaissance of sorts. It is the revival of Santani Culture and Jurisprudence where all faiths are equal. The building of the temple has created happiness for many Sanatanis across the globe. Today, you can find Sanatanis of many nationalities. It is a revival of the culture of equality, freedom of choice, where truth will be spoken fearlessly and governance will be at its peak, Ram Rajya. Feels like Treta Yug in Kalyug. Even in this verdict and the arrangement, options for education and health have been provided to the other parties to the suit.Our Constitution in future, will drop the English word Secular, which does not correctly represent who we are. The word secular, is defined, as being unconnected to any religion. Human beings are embedded with faiths of different forms and thus cannot be divorced from it. Thus the right approach, would be to say that we treat all faiths as equal. That is exactly what Sanatanis believes in. We are Sanatanis, where even Nir Eshwar Vadi (rationalist) or a Nir Guni (formless god) is part of the society; it does not need an adjective in the Preamble.

There is still more work to do. Common laws, recreating Gurukulams and Temples, which will be managed by Bhaktas, rather than the communists and plunderers. Punar Aagaman of Bharatam.

Lastly, how can I forget that the Drid Nishchay and vision of Modi Ji and Amit Shah Ji, who like Corporate CEOs and much better, kept on ticking the "To Do List” from the Manifesto. Article 370, Ram Mandir, Triple Talaq, quelling Terrorism, Surgical Strike, raising the country's International stature, building allies and many more, with clockwork precision. The work done in the last 6 years is more than 70 years of work. We had Swarajya, but not Swatantrata, we now have it. This Divya Purush and his team should be given, at least not less than another 50 years, such that Bharatha Varsham becomes the true torchbearer of Vasudhaiva Mama Kutumbakkam.

Jai Sri Ram , Jai Hind!

CA. Aditya Sesh

Eternal Sanatani