From the desk of Aditya Sesh

Tripura Chief Minister’s (CM)’s Helpline truly helpful, a boon for the citizen

A few days ago, I had the benefit of understanding how the CM’s Helpline in Tripura works.

To put this note in perspective, it is necessary to know a bit about Tripura. Tripura is a hilly state in North East India. It shares its borders with Assam, Mizoram and Bangladesh. The population of the State is around four million with a robust literacty rate of well over 90%. The youngsters of the State have the same drive, initiative and aspirations like the youth of any other State in the country. We, at Basiz, have set up operations in Agartala, Tripura.

The Tripura Government has set up the CM’s helpline to connect directly with the people to offer assistance to those in need. I had the opportunity to watch this helpline in action. The first thing that came to my mind was , that it is all about sincerity and action, when you perform the job. I saw 40 odd youngsters, both men and women, who were managing the helpline. They were very excited, passionate and informed me of the various situations they come across, while helping people. One of the youngsters said how he took one call and connected them to a local Hospital blood bank. Another told me how they had helped a citizen get a ration card within days. Arranging for water connections, they said was done within weeks. They also showed me the testimonials of citizens who had benefited from the helpline in the state of Tripura.

I have attached these testimonials so that all of us can see the good work.


Greetings (Namaskar). My name is Karna Banarjee. I am a Graduate. I am an orphan and 100% blind. I had submitted my documents for disability pension (Bhata) but nothing happened. Finally, I called CM helpline for assistance and the officials investigated the matter. Thanks to their hard work I have finally received my pension (Bhata) and I am grateful to CM helpline Team for the support.

I am Bidyajoy Reang, Sidila Para, ADC village Amarpur RD block, Police station Birganj, was not having any water source and I complained in CM Helpline. After that I received water and I am grateful and I Thank CM Helpline.

Greetings (Namaskar). My name is Biswajit Saha. Yesterday I requested for blood in CM Helpline and they have provided same, today I also requested another one and they have provided through donor named Biplab Das, So I am grateful and Thank to CM Helpline.

In addition to the passion, it was very clear that the CRM which was created by the CDAC, a software arm of the Government of India is as good as any other ticketing system that one finds in the market globally. I only wish that this is available to SME in India for their own business.

The agents are divided into two groups, the Agents and the Dispatchers. One requires patient and empathetic hearing ,while the other needs persistent follow up with other arms of the State Government.,. On some days there can be hundreds of calls that can come in. This is a 24X7 service.

In addition to general service requests they also educate their citizens about the various schemes and facilities of the government.

What amazed me was that they not only take requests and lodge the ticket, but also follow up with the departments or groups of the government to get the request fulfilled. This is not a mean task!

It seems that this helpline has become the go to agency with the Government, whenever citizens have a need. That is an awesome reputation.

Please appreciate their efforts by liking the post. I shall convey this to them and they will be even more motivated.

Vande Mataram